How To Improve Dallas’ Downtown Circulator

Do you ride the D-Link? Neither do I. As far as downtown circulators go, it’s not very useful in getting to places that I can’t already walk or bike to without having to study a bus map. Its needlessly complex route reflects a traditional bus service rather than a simple, easy-to-use circulator. Depending where you […]

Roads, Cars and Speed Are Expensive

When you come back from a place that prioritizes pedestrians and place making, the massive amounts of automotive infrastructure in the U.S. hits you like a ton of bricks. From Another Place For Me:

Saving Pedestrians’ Lives At Almost No Cost

A staff member at Cycling in Cities, a transportation research program at the University of British Columbia, sent me Vancouver’s 2012 pedestrian safety report recently. Having read NYC’s Pedestrian Safety Action Plan a few years ago, I noticed both plans called out left and right turning vehicles posing significant danger to pedestrians who are crossing […]

Making Dallas More Walkable

I’ve been car free in Dallas for 2 months. While I still haven’t bought a bike yet, I’ve done an incredible amount of walking. Dallas is far more walkable than people give it credit for, but I’ve noticed a few issues.  As Jeff Speck mentions in his book Walkable City, walkability is the foundation of […]

A New Paradigm in Traffic Safety

NYC DOT released a short traffic safety report last week that is the most substantial, data-driven evidence yet that street design can save lives and reduce roadway injuries. At only 16 pages, Making Safer Streets is bound to fly under the radar, but the report contains some head turning figures: “This analysis is the largest […]

First Impressions of the DART Light Rail System

After living without a car in Dallas for one month, I can say it’s a lot easier than my first few months of being car free in Baltimore. A few caveats, though; I live in downtown Dallas, which is the transit hub in the Metroplex. It helps enormously. My workplace is also accessible by transit. […]

Jeff Speck, Author of “Walkable City”

“Listening to mayor after mayor and how they explained their idea of a successful city, it became very clear that both the best measure of a thriving place and perhaps the best contributor to a thriving place was street life: walkability. Being successful in walkablity is really nothing less than providing street life. In our […]